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Cheryl Woolley

Should you use your security alarm while your house is for sale?

When selling your home, especially if you’re not living there, you may be tempted to set a security alarm to protect your house. First ask yourself the question which is likely to be the biggest problem: burglars, or the burglar alarm?

The alarm will provide some protection while the house is vacant, but will also provide hours of frustration to buyer’s agents who can’t make the alarm work, can’t find it, can’t remember where they wrote the code or generally don’t do well under pressure.

I often stick a sign topper on my vacant listings By Appointment Only, hoping to generate the impression that the home is occupied, but also to prevent accidental alarm tripping when agents are tempted to show a vacant without notifying me first. 

So should you set an alarm when you’re selling your house?  Sometimes it may be a good idea:

- You know the neighbourhood and have reason to believe the home needs security.


- If it's very obvious the house is vacant, an alarm might be a good idea, especially is the area has had problems with break-ins.


Reasons to skip setting an alarm:


- Eventually an agent is going to set off the alarm and won’t have the code. If your alarm company or police charge for too many false alarms, it could get expensive.


- Your alarm code isn’t secret any more. If your agent puts the code in the listing, anyone who can read the agent comments will see it. If your home is getting lots of showings, many realtors and perhaps even their clients now know your alarm code.  The more people that know your alarm code, the less secure your home will be.

Ultimately it is your decision - but weigh the option carefully - more hassle and fewer potential buyers versus peace of mind.

Published Monday, June 22, 2009 9:52 AM by Cheryl Woolley

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Jhon Elliot said:

September 6, 2017 2:31 PM

Ashton said:

Some people have vacant homes which are about to sale and they need security of their homes. It is described by people can use security alarms for their vacant homes. With security alarm people can safe from big loss in their homes.

September 12, 2017 9:41 PM

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